Monday, April 18, 2011

I haven't really crafted in a couple of weeks while I've had a houseguest and no room to use the sewing machine, plus lots of time spent out and about. After putting the air mattress away, and feeling a bit depressed with a lonely apartment, I decided I'd pull out fabric and a pattern for a dress that I've had lying around waiting for sewing for a couple of years. I don't have many easy party dresses in my wardrobe and decided I needed one to wear to an event next month. I got all the fabric cut out and then decided that I also really needed a gift for that event.

The overall size is about 15" not quite square. It took about 5 hours to sew and of course it seemed like half that time was the time it took to hand stitch the back of the binding. I couldn't find the clothespins, so the vines came in handy there.

This is a gift for a college professor of mine. He's stepping down from leading the program he created at my university, which is the program that has led me down my career path. He's the kid of professor that inspires just about everyone who crosses his path.

The gorgeous historic home he shared with his long-time partner, who recently passed away, is named Sun Oak. It's an old, old New Orleans house painted in bright fun colors, with a lush garden on the outside and an amazing collection of art and antiques on the inside. Some of the collection are drawings and paintings of suns that were gifted to Gene and Lloyd by many of the people they inspired with their work and their wonderfulness.

During a phone conversation with a friend about my upcoming visit to attend one of the celebrations for Gene, I decided I should sew something up. I used fabrics and threads I already had so the colors aren't exactly what I might have chosen had I started from scratch, but I'm pretty well pleased with a project that I conceived of and completed in half a Sunday. And which I hope will lovingly received and appreciated as a token of appreciation for someone who helped chart the path of my future.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

I haven't crafted much in a couple of weeks and I'm starting back with a bowl of sun rays!