Monday, July 27, 2009

I've made a couple of skirts lately. It's starting small, but after months of not being able to finish a garment, it's a good start. And satisfying, because it's all cute!

However, one of the plights of the single seamtress is being able to take photos to show off new work.

Hence, my stop-light photo in the puddingmobile this morning.

Behold the hot-pink woodgrain skirt in all of its glory!

It's a simple a-line, with center front and back seams and pockets. Cause a modern gal needs pockets. It's the woodgrain print from Joel Dewberry, purchased on etsy a few weeks ago because I never bought it when it first came out.

I didn't take any photos during the process--I should start that--so you'll have to listen to get the goods. The fabric is a nice lightweight quilting cotton. I like light and flowy skirts sometimes, but I think prefer them to have a bit of weight to them, for structure. So I underlined this one with plain Kona cotton muslin. I should really share a photo of the back because I managed to throw in an invisible zipper on the first try with no problems through the two layers of fabric. I'm pretty damn proud of myself for that one (tip for other sewists--I actually think that invisible zippers are a LOT easier to put in than a regular zipper).

So that's the wacky hot-pink woodgrain skirt that I've been dreaming about for months.

I'll try to capture the pretty minty green skirt next. That one is even better because it has pockets and NO zipper!

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  1. Were you stopped at a red light when you took that picture? I'm impressed by your zipper abilities and I can't wait to see your next skirt! Happy sewing my friend!